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FamilyFleet from FleetLeed

1. Buy the GPS cell-enabled device for $129 CDN
2. Plug it in.
3. Get the data from each vehicle for $15/month, all in.


Stay informed of your vehicle’s health and your family safety. SIMPLY PLUG IN the MOJIO device (GPS enabled and cellular connected OBD-II compatible) under the dashboard of each vehicle in your fleet. Instantly, your vehicle is sending information to you.

KNOW THE LOCATION of every vehicle on the FleetLeed Map. Click on the vehicle and get the vehicle status. Is it parked or moving? Worried about a family member who is late? Send a text directly to the driver.


What does the alert light on the dashboard actually mean? Let the vehicle tell you with up to the moment ALERTS. The diagnostic code will be translated into plain English so you will know the issue when you visit the mechanic.

One of the challenges of managing a fleet is keeping on top of each vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Family FleetLeed keeps track of your fleet’s overall health and lets you know when service is required by sending you updates according to your maintenance schedules.


Chart the performance of each driver in your family. Does one driver constantly jam on the breaks or speed? Get reports from the vehicle about driver performance. Register all the information you need to know about your drivers so that information is at your fingertips in case of an accident. Driver’s Licence Info, Insurance Coverage, Ownership Info, Medical Coverage information, Important phone numbers. All the information you need in one location right at hand.

Get daily, weekly or monthly reporting on gas consumption. Know where and when the vehicle was filled with gas.

Easy to install and get started

It’s easy to manage each vehicle through the FleetLeed Portal,
customized to your fleet management requirements.




Event Notifications

You define the thresholds of every notification – you’ll only be informed of events relevant to you.

Track Location

See every vehicle on map. Use colour-codes to know their status. Blue – parked. Green – driving. Orange – minor alert. Red – major alert.

Fleet Status

Your personalized dashboard is the window into the current status of your fleet.

Active Reporting

Our cellular devices ensure that Reports always use up to date data.

Maintenance Scheduling

You’ll be informed of when vehicles in your fleet require servicing or are reporting issues.

Fleet Health

Always be on top of the overall health of your fleet to help you optimize maintenance costs and keep vehicles running.

Text to Driver

Need to alert your driver instantly? Text to Driver functionality allows you to notify your driver automatically directly from the FleetLeed Portal.


Here are some of the events that you can be notified of. You personalize your dashboard by choosing the events and thresholds that are relevant to you and your fleet.

Acceleration Threshold Exceeded

Event that occurs when the vehicle accelerates fast enough to surpass the acceleration threshold.

Accelerometer Threshold Exceeded

Event that occurs when the vehicle generates enough g-force to surpass the accelerometer threshold.

Battery Voltage Below Threshold

Event that occurs when the vehicle’s battery voltage is below the threshold.

Deceleration Threshold Exceeded

Event that occurs when a vehicle decelerates faster than the threshold.

Device Connected

Event that occurs when the in-vehicle device has been plugged in.

Device Disconnected

Event that occurs when the in-vehicle device is unplugged from a vehicle.

GeoFence Crossing

Event that occurs when a vehicle has left a preset geofence perimeter.

Heartbeat Report

Periodic status message of the vehicle regardless of ignition state (on/off).

Ignition Off

Event that occurs when the vehicle’s ignition is turned off.

Ignition On

Event that occurs when the vehicle’s ignition is turned on.

Mileage Alert

Event that occurs when a vehicle travels farther than a predefined distance.

Park Time Threshold Exceeded

Event that occurs when a vehicle has been parked for more than the threshold.

Movement Start

Event that occurs when the vehicle starts moving.

Movement Stopped

Event that occurs when the vehicle stops moving.

Speed Band Alert

Event that occurs when the vehicle’s speed has entered a speed range for greater than a preset minimum amount of time.

Speed Threshold Exceeded

Event that occurs when the vehicle travels faster than the defined speed threshold.

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