FleetLeed is a CUSTOMIZABLE fleet management platform.
It’s cheaper and easier to use. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.


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1. Buy the GPS cell-enabled device from your mobile phone provider.
2. Plug it in.
3. Get the data from each vehicle for as little as $9.99 per month.


With our GPS enabled devices, you’ll always know the location of every vehicle in your fleet.



Keep track of your fleet’s overall health and be alerted when service is required.


Maintenance Scheduling

Keeping track of customizable service records.

Easy to install and get started

It's easy to manage each vehicle through the FleetLeed Portal, customized to your fleet management requirements.



Event Notifications

Yellow and Orange Icons will indicate if a vehicle’s computer is issuing “P” codes.

Track Location

See every vehicle on map. Use colour-codes to know their status. Blue – parked. Green – driving. Black – device unplugged. Orange or Yellow – vehicle problem.

Fleet Status

Your personalized dashboard is the window into the current status of your fleet.

Active Reporting

Our cellular devices ensure that Reports always use up to date data.

Maintenance Scheduling

You can determine what Maintenance Milestones you would like to keep track of.

Fleet Health

Always be on top of the overall health of your fleet to help you optimize maintenance costs and keep vehicles running.

Text to Driver

Need to alert your driver instantly? Text to Driver functionality allows you to notify your driver automatically directly from the FleetLeed Portal.


Interactive One Time Day Trip Report

Select a date, select a vehicle and the FL Portal will tell you each Ignition ON and Ignition OFF stop made by that vehicle in that 24 hour period. The Day Trip Report Map is interactive so you can select any trip segment and see exactly where the vehicle went.

Mileage Report

Select the date(s) that you wish to do know the mileage reported by a vehicle. Select the name of the vehicle and the FL Portal will tell you how many miles were driven that on that date.

Text Messages Sent

Need to know what text messages were sent? Select the date and the vehicle name.

Customized Report

Let FL know what type of report you require, we will customize the FL portal to deliver the type of information you need in a format that makes sense for you.

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Mojio Device

T‑MOBILE SyncUP DRIVE is a trademark of T-Mobile USA, Inc. FleetLeed works with the T‑MOBILE SyncUP DRIVE.

Fleetleed Canada

  1. One time only purchase of the GPS device - contact your mobility provider.
  2. Cell contract with your mobility provider.
  3. $9.00/vehicle/month for FL Portal includes 200 hours of ‘Ignition ON TIME’

Fleetleed in the US

Sign up for FleetLeed $6 USD/vehicle/month
includes 200 hours of ‘Ignition ON TIME’

Get the Canadian model › Get the US model ›

Canadian US roaming for your Mojio device is included.

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